Marvel vs DC comics

An old question from the ages

I don't know which question is harder 'Marvel or DC comics, which one is better?', or 'Which one was first, the egg, or the chicken?'. Maybe we'll never find out!

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Comic books

Why you should start reading them

First, I was afraid, you could actually say I was petrified about them. I kept thinking, how could I do this to myself, how could I make myself read them.

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Autobots vs Decepticons

You may need an Autobot in your life

I always felt like I could be a Decepticon. Like their name's saying, they are good at deception. But then, I thought they are bad, and maybe I would be better as an Autobot instead.

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Is you car a Transformer?

This question has been daunting me for ages. What if my new Bugatti that I have woken up in, is actually a Transformer, and what should I do in this case?