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Pitchfork website front page

In the first sentence of Pitchfork’s review of my collaborative project with 9th Wonder, INDIE 500, a reviewer who is associated with music review site rhapsody.com writes about how I criticize and then distance myself from “celebrity straw men” with the line “celebrities be making money...

Over the last ninety days, I’ve been digging deeper and deeper into a curiosity I’ve had for the last twelve months: virtual reality. I’ve been fascinated by the space in general and where the consumption of things like 360 video are going...


Make Somebody Nervous Before You Die

October 10, 2016

Photo by Cam Adams

You won’t find many concepts that are very useful or important if you insist on having a worldview that’s void of controversy, invulnerable to criticism, and incapable of making others feel confused...