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Paul Smith
the photographer

I designed this site so you can get to know me on a personal level. My career as a professional photographer, my portfolio, my personal photography, my blog, my favourite quotes, and so much more. So please sit back and enjoy!.

What I do

I am a professional fine art photographer in Sante Fe.

Best Picture Awarded

Not to brag, but I have been awarded for the Best Picture Award, which is a small token of recognition for my life of working in photography.

Modern technology

I like to use state of the art technology and only the best tools. Since 2010 a great company sponsors me with all the cool suff.

Many locations

I love to move around and visit a lot of places. I have travelled for most of my life and I've taken pictures everywhere I went.

For every pic

I like to tell a story with every photo that I take. I want for the viewers to get an immediate reaction and feeling. From every single picture.

Some of the stuff

You cand see some of my stuff here, the full projects are on Tumblr.

The Hipster Invasion

Wolf's Trip at The Canion

Bear's Oldtimer Muscle Car

I've worked with these guys

Creating a happier world. One person, community and company at a time. So far I made these guys happier with my pictures.


There are two me's when I take a picture. As Wolf I take pictures to be sold and as Bear all of them are free of charge, take his as a philanthropist.



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Where to find me

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Would you want to talk about something? Just send me your message and I will happily chat