Huge number of components

Every element that you need in a product comes built in as a component. All components fit perfectly with each other and can take variations in colour.

Multi-Purpose Sections

Putting together a page has never been easier than matching together sections. From team presentation to pricing options, you can easily customise and built your pages.

Multiple Example Pages

If you want to get inspiration or just show something directly to your clients, you can jump start your development with our pre-built example pages.

Basic Elements

The core elements of your website

We re-styled every Bootstrap 4 element to match the BLK• Design System style. All the Bootstrap 4 components that you need in a development have been re-design with the new look. Besides the numerous basic elements, we have also created additional classes. All these items will help you take your project to the next level.

Unconventional cards

One card for every problem

We love cards and everybody on the web seems to. We have gone above and beyond with options for you to organise your information. From cards designed for blog posts, to product cards or user profiles, you will have many options to choose from. All the cards follow the material principles and have a design that stands out.


Shark Week: How to Watch It Like a Scientist

Just when you thought it was safe to turn on your television, the Discovery Channel's "Shark Week"...

Dream Big

Best Practices


Team Lead

Skills Leadership
Hobbies Skiing, Chess
Level • • • • •

Jon Collins

Data Specialist

Scaling DevOps: Strategy & Technical Considerations for Successful Enterprise DevOps


Skills Negotiation
Hobbies Graffiti Skiing
Level • • • •

Content Areas

For Areas that Need More Space

We took into consideration multiple use cases and came up with some specific areas for you. If you need elements such as tables, comments, description areas, tabs and many others, we've got you covered. They're beautiful and easy to use for the end user navigating your website.

Sections you will love

Build pages in no time using pre-made sections! From headers to footers, you will be able to choose the best combination for your project. We have created multiple sections for you to put together and customise into pixel perfect example pages.

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Example Pages

Forget about building everything from scratch. From landing pages to e-commerce or blog pages, you will be able jump start your development. Show your clients a quick prototype and get inspired for your next project!
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Contact Us

Free Demo

Do you want to test and see the benefits of this Design System before purchasing it? You can give the demo version a try. It features enough basic components for you to get a feel of the design and also test the quality of the code. Get it free on GitHub!

Free Version

  • 70 Components
  • 3 Example Pages
  • Uncoventional cards
  • Sections
  • Photoshop for Prototype
  • Premium Support

PRO Version

  • 1100+ Components
  • 17 Example Pages
  • Uncoventional cards
  • Sections
  • Photoshop for Prototype
  • Premium Support

Custom Icons

BLK• Design System PRO comes with 100 custom demo icons made by our friends from NucleoApp. The official package contains over 20.729 icons which are looking great in combination with BLK• Design System PRO. Make sure you check all of them and use those that you like the most.

View Demo Icons View All Icons

Save Time & Money

Creating your design from scratch with dedicated designers can be very expensive.Using BLK• Design System PRO you don't have to worry about customising the basic Bootstrap 4 design or its components.

Bootstrap 4 & Flexbox

It is built over Bootstrap 4, it's fully responsive and has all the benefits of the flexbox for the layout, grid system and components. This is a huge advantage when you work with columns.

Fast Prototype

Using BLK• Design System PRO you can create hundreds of components combinations within seconds and present them to your client. You just need to change some classes and colors.

Trusted by 660,000+ People

The UI Kits, Templates and Dashboards that we've created are used by 660,000+ web developers in over 1,100,000 Web Projects. This is what some of them think:

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  • Fully Coded Components
  • Responsive Design
  • Product Documentation
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Developer License


  • Everything in Personal
  • You can Create Multiple Websites and Sell to Multiple Clients
  • Or You can Charge Customers
  • OrUse in Commercial Projects
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