Bootstrap Notify

The new Material Dashboard notification are looking fresh and clean. They go great with the navbar.

If you want to use add special animations for them, we integrated a third party plugin called Bootstrap Notify. Out friend Robert McIntosh did a wonderful job. If you want to see a coded example, you can see it below.

For more information please check Full Github Documentation

<!-- button to trigger the action -->
<button class="btn btn-primary" onclick="md.showNotification('top','right')">Top Right Notification</button>
<!-- Bootstrap Notify -->

function showNotification(from, align){

      icon: "add_alert",
      message: "Welcome to <b>Material Dashboard</b> - a beautiful freebie for every web developer."

      type: 'success',
      timer: 3000,
      placement: {
          from: from,
          align: align