DatePicker v1.7.0

A datepicker for twitter bootstrap. We have changed the colors, typography and buttons, so it can look like the rest of the dashboard.

For more information please check Full Github Documentation.

Here is a coded example:

<!-- input with datepicker -->
<div class="form-group">
  <input type="text" class="form-control date-picker" value="10/05/2016" data-datepicker-color="primary">
<!-- javascript for init -->
            leftArrow: '<i class="now-ui-icons arrows-1_minimal-left"></i>',
            rightArrow: '<i class="now-ui-icons arrows-1_minimal-right"></i>'
    }).on('show', function() {

            datepicker_color = $(this).data('datepicker-color');
            if( datepicker_color.length != 0){
                $('.datepicker').addClass('datepicker-'+ datepicker_color +'');
        }).on('hide', function() {