Discover what’s included in Bootstrap, including our precompiled and source code flavors. Remember, Bootstrap’s JavaScript plugins require jQuery.

Argon structure

Once downloaded, unzip the compressed folder and you’ll see something like this:

├── assets/
  ├── css/
  │   ├── argon.css
  │   ├──
  │   ├── argon.min.css
  │   ├──
  └── pages/
  │   ├── components/
  │   ├── dashboards/
  │   ├── examples/
  │   ├── forms/
  │   ├── maps/
  │   ├── tables/
  │   ├── calendar.html
  │   ├── charts.html
  │   ├── widgets.html
  └── img/
  │   ├── argon/
  │   ├── brand/
  │   ├── icons/
  │   ├── ill/
  └── js/
  │   ├── argon.js
  │   └── argon.min.js
  └── scss/
  │   ├── bootstrap/
  │   ├── core/
  │   ├── custom/
  │   ├── argon.scss
  └── vendor/
      ├── bootstrap/
      ├── jquery/
      ├── ...

This is the most basic form of Argon: precompiled files for quick drop-in usage in nearly any web project. We provide compiled CSS and JS (argon.*), as well as compiled and minified CSS and JS (argon.min.*). source maps (argon.*.map) are available for use with certain browsers’ developer tools.


Argon comes with both minified and expanded versions of CSS. It already includes the latest version of Bootstrap - v4.1.3.


Argon comes with both minified and expanded versions of JS. It includes only custom and initialization scripts for used plugins inside this theme. Jquery and Bootstrap must be declared separately in the web page before including plugins.

Learn more about how to correctly include CSS and JS resources in a web page in our quick start page.

Source files

The Argon source code download includes the precompiled JavaScript assets, along with source Sass. More specifically, it includes the following and more:

├── assets/
│   ├── scss/
│   └── js/components

If you want to make use of Argon uncompiled resources make sure you install and use our Build Tools to compile and minify CSS and JavaScript for production. Click here to learn more about how to use NPM, Gulp and other useful tools in order to compile CSS and JavaScript.