Rover raised to $65 million

Finding temporary housing for your dog should be as easy as renting an Airbnb. That’s the idea behind Rover, which raised $65 million to expand its pet sitting Read More


Katie Roof


MateLabs mixes machine learning

If you’ve ever wanted to train a machine learning model and integrate it with IFTTT, a new offering from MateLabs. MateVerse, a platform where novices can spin out machine... Read More


John Mannes


US venture investment tricks

Venture investment in U.S. startups rose sequentially in the second quarter of 2017, boosted by large, late-stage financings and a few outsized early-stage rounds in tech and healthcare.. Read More


Devin Coldewey

Flexible office space means growing your team.

Rather than worrying about switching offices every couple years, you can instead stay in the same location and grow-up from your shared coworking space to an office that takes up an entire floor.

Mathew Glock
Marketing Manager


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A new way to buy your next home

If you can’t decide, the answer is no. If two equally difficult paths, choose the one more painful in the short term (pain avoidance is creating an illusion of equality).

Short Sentences Gives You the Liberty

Paradoxically, using more short sentences gives you the liberty to write beautiful long sentences.

But in a way that's never been done before.


Mathew Glock


5 Ways to Improve your Life.

Create first, edit second. Never do them at the same time.

How to Build a $24 Billion Dollar Company in Just 2 Years.

I've come to the conclusion that 50% of folks in this world don't even spend enough time alone with their thoughts to have their own opinions. They haven't done the work to decide what they think. And that isn't a rewarding way to live.


L'orea Sirman



An interview with Tesla founder.

By Alexa Rossa

duo Interviews

Make $500k through small biz or raise it from family.

By Jonathan Silvia


Lengthen your time horizon.

By Andrew Joe