Default Navbar

Using the default behaviour for the navbar on responsive devices


If you want to set for your project the default behavior for the navbar when it opens on responsive, you have to make the following changes:

  • in material-kit.js file, please erase/comment the following function: $(document).on('click', '.navbar-toggler', function() {...} from the line 331 -> 370

  • in _responsive.scss file please erase/comment the style for the .navbar-collapse {...} from the line 31 -> 111

  • in your HTML files you have to set for the navbar-toggler button a data-target="#yourID", also for the navbar-collapse div set an ID (id="yourID") that will be related to the navbar-toggler.

  • ** the have a white background for the navbar-collapse like in the example below, you have to erase the .navbar-transparent class from the navbar.


First slide